If you believe you may need a new roof, the Noble Roofing Team can provide you a free inspection. We do top-notch roof installations and replacements for homes and businesses throughout East Texas. We always begin by providing a free roof inspection to determine whether you really need a new roof, a repair, or nothing at all. We’ll present an honest assessment, letting you know whether a re-roof is the best option or if you just need some repair work done. If you’d like to schedule a free roof inspection, one of our experts can usually be at your home or business within 24-hours. Sometimes sooner in an emergency.

Benefits Of A New Roof

Not sure if a new roof is worth it? Consider these benefits

  • Increases Home Value - You could recoup up to 69% of the cost of your new roof when you sell your home, according to experts.
  • It Could Be Free - Depending on the circumstances, your insurance company may pay a portion or the full cost of your new roof. We’ll help you understand what your home insurance company wants to know and what your deductible is.
  • Better Curb Appeal - A new roof is like a makeover for your house. It makes your home look sharp. It also increases your resale value because curb appeal attracts buyers who are willing to pay more for your home.
  • Energy Efficiency - Heating and cooling your home accounts for up to half of your energy cost. Your old roof may not be well insulated. A new, well-insulated roof can lower your energy bill, saving you money month after month.
  • Can Last A Lifetime - A good roof made of durable high quality materials can last upwards of 30 years. Chances are, you may only need to invest in a new roof once in a lifetime.

Don’t Settle For A Second Rate Roofer

Call An Expert!

Clients trust the Noble Roofing Team because we don’t settle for average. Each roofer on our staff is qualified, insured, and trained-in house to provide you with the best possible experience. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection or to learn more about what makes us the preferred roofing contractor for Longview, TX, Kilgore, TX, Henderson, TX, Marshall, TX, and surrounding East Texas communities.

Frequently Asked Questions


We wouldn’t let just anyone on our roofs, and we understand that you feel the same way. That’s why Noble Roofing hires only the most qualified roofers to serve our customers in East Texas. Here are three reasons you can trust us to do the best job.

  1. We Use In-House Staff - All of our roofers are trained in-house. That’s one of the many ways we ensure the quality of our work. When a Noble Roofing Team member knocks on your door, you can rest easy, knowing that he’s one of ours and will do an excellent job.
  2. We Are Fully Insured - Our work and our workers are fully insured, so your home and roof are fully covered! Our priority is your peace of mind.
  3. We Offer A Total Warranty - In addition to the new roof manufacturer’s warranty, which lasts between 20 and 50 years, Noble Roofing also offers a workmanship warranty for at least 5 years, sometimes longer. If you have any issues with our labor, we’ll handle it at no cost to you.

It’s possible. Generally, wear and tear due to age is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, if the damage is caused by a fallen tree, severe storm, hail, wind, or some other perilous event, insurance will often help pay for at least a portion of the repair or replacement.

Because all of our roof inspectors are Texas licensed adjusters, they know what questions your insurance company will be asking and can help you know whether your damages are likely to be paid for or not.


Yes. Noble Roofing has partnered with a lending company we trust to provide low interest financing for our clients, because price should never be a reason to leave your home and family unprotected. And, it’s easy to apply from the comfort of your own home.


Absolutely! Noble Roofing regularly works with general contractors throughout the East Texas area to deliver high-quality roofing installations on new construction homes. If you are a home builder looking for a trustworthy roofer or an individual in the process of building your own house, please give us a call. We would love the opportunity to work with you.