Schedule A FREE Roof Inspection

All of our roof inspectors at Noble Roofing are Texas licensed adjusters who understand what your insurance company needs to know about your roof. Our in-depth inspection checklist will ensure your roof stays in tip-top shape. 

Do I really need a roof inspection?

A roof inspection is like a checkup you get at the doctor. The hope is to find out that everything is in perfect working condition. However, if something is wrong, it’s better to know and do something about it sooner than later. Call us before you call your homeowner's insurance agency.

Here are three occasions to get your roof checked out:

1. When You See Visible Damage - Missing shingles, stained ceilings, gutter damage, and dripping water overhead are just a few of the most obvious signs to look for that may indicate roof damage.

2. After A Severe Storm - Your roof protects you from heavy rain, beating hail, and rushing wind. After a severe storm, you should schedule an inspection to make sure your roof made it through in one piece. 

3. At The End Of Summer & Winter - East Texas Summers are infamous, and our Winters are no walk in the park either. Extreme weather can do a number to your roof. Get a FREE inspection twice a year to keep your roof in good condition.

Our Promise

We will not attempt to sell you services you don’t need—period! While we hope that you consider us when it does come time to do any repairs or replacement, we want to earn your business through integrity, not dishonest sales tactics. That’s why at Noble Roofing, our free inspections come with no strings attached.

When you schedule a roof inspection, one of our experts will provide a thorough examination followed by an honest assessment and a realistic repair estimate if any damage exists. It’s that simple.

How soon can Noble Roofing do my inspection?

A professional roof inspector can be at your home within 24 hours in most cases. In an emergency we strive to contact you within an hour of your call. Simply call today or fill out the form below to schedule your roof inspection and a team member will contact you ASAP.